Meet EMS Coordinator Heather Howes with the Department of Public Safety.
By Member Kayti Gatton
December 2, 2020

Meet EMS Coordinator Heather Howes with the Department of Public Safety.
Heather was born and raised in Charles County, has lived in Calvert County for 15 years and has worked for Calvert County Government for six years. As an EMS Coordinator, Heather acts as the jurisdictional quality assurance officer, reviewing paramedic and EMT responses in Calvert County and making sure proper protocol is adhered to. She also determines if there are areas that can be improved upon. Heather is the Fire-Rescue-EMS representative on the Calvert County Child Fatality Review Team, Calvert County Overdose Fatality Review Team, and Calvert County Adult Interdisciplinary Team. As a representative on these teams, Heather and others attempt to prevent tragic events from happening through research, recommending new policies and implementing changes. She is also the critical incident stress management team coordinator for first responders in Calvert County and provides community outreach education by teaching CPR for the American Heart Association and bleeding control under the national “Stop the Bleed” program.
“I am incredibly passionate about the work I do to ensure citizens and first responders are cared for,” Heather said. “It takes an immense amount of support from the community to keep all emergency personnel healthy and safe, but I enjoy being a critical part of that support system.”
Heather knew she wanted to pursue a career in EMS at age 12, after calling 911 for her grandfather who was suffering from a stroke. She went on to become EMS chief at Charles County’s Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department.
Heather graduated from College of Southern Maryland, attended the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute of the University of Maryland and is a certified paramedic.
Heather is a Girl Scout troop leader and enjoys glamping. She also loves spending time with family and friends. Thank you for all that you do, Heather.