Meet Executive Administrative Assistant Trish Helms from the Department of Public Safety.
By Member Kayti Gatton
March 12, 2021

Meet Executive Administrative Assistant Trish Helms from the Department of Public Safety.
Prior to working for Calvert County Government, Trish was employed by the State of Maryland at the Calvert County Health Department in the Women Infants and Children and Personal Health offices. After leaving to care for her children, she was appointed to the position of law librarian for the Circuit Court in 2007. Not long after, she became a full-time employee with the Calvert County Department of Finance & Budget as the switchboard operator and eventually was promoted to purchasing assistant within the Procurement Office.
Although she was leery to leave procurement, her desire to advance her career led her to the position she has now in the Department of Public Safety. She has worked under the director of public safety as her executive administrative assistant and also as the False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) administrator since Feb. 22, 2016. “My role in Public Safety allows me to work directly with not only the citizens of Calvert County, but also with those who are in the background day to day working diligently and passionately to keep our community thriving and out of harm’s way,” she said.
She works to educate citizens on the role they play in assisting the FARU and first responders in keeping our community protected. It is the collaboration of the alarm owners/users, alarm companies and this unit that identifies false alarms before dispatching first responders, so they are ready to respond to citizens experiencing a true emergency.
Trish was born in Tennessee but has lived in Maryland for most of her life. She spent her childhood in Charles County and moved to Calvert County during high school. She has lived in Calvert County for 37 years.
She is passionate about her family, friends, being a “Grammy” to her first grandchild, Calvert County, helping those in need and working towards making sure the residents of Calvert County are safe.