First Responder Mental Health Seminar
By Secretary Erin Ward
May 8, 2023

On Thursday, May 4th, St. Leonard Volunteer Fire Department opened their doors for us to host a First Responder Mental Health Seminar. The seminar was taught by experienced mental health therapist & retire police detective of 25 years, George Fosythe of Driftwood Psychotherapy, LLC. who specializes in mental health services for first responders. During the seminar over 30 attendees learned about trauma, PTSD, compassion fatigue, prevention and management as well as the stigma behind therapy and why it works.

Calvert County Fire-Rescue-EMS is dedicated to providing our volunteers with tools and resources to break the stigma. One of the many benefits provided to our volunteers is FREE access to services through our Employee Assistance Program provided by BHS. Included in these services is up to four (4) FREE, confidential counseling sessions and 24/7 in the moment support.

Hyperlinks: Driftwood Psychotherapy, LLC.