Suicide Prevention Begins With Awareness
By FREMS Division Erin Ward
September 13, 2023

Prevention begins with knowing and understanding the signs:

Drastic Mood Changes: Watch for sudden shifts in mood, like extreme sadness or anger.
Withdrawal: If someone starts isolating themselves from friends and family, it's a red flag.
Talk of Hopelessness: Listen when someone expresses feeling hopeless or trapped.
Giving Away Possessions: Be concerned if someone starts giving away belongings.
Increased Substance Use: Alcohol or drug abuse can be a sign of emotional distress.
Drastic Behavior Changes: Keep an eye on significant changes in behavior or routines.

Remember, reaching out and showing you care can save a life. Let's break the silence around suicide.

If these warning signs apply to you or someone you know, get help as soon as possible, particularly if the behavior is new or has increased recently.

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