Suicidal thoughts know no age limit...
By FREMS Division Erin Ward
September 14, 2023

Children and teens are being admitted to children’s hospitals for self-harm or suicidal thoughts at an alarming rate. There are many warning signs parents should be aware of, according to the nonprofit Mental Health America, such as excessive fears, anxiety and irritability.

Signs of Childhood Depression
• Doing poorly in school
• Loss of interest in friends and favorite activities
• Not eating or sleeping well
• Feeling sad, hopeless and/or angry
• Lack of self-esteem
• Lack of enthusiasm, energy or motivation
• Overreacting to criticism and having trouble dealing with authority figures
• Being unable to focus, and acting restless and agitated
• Using alcohol and recreational drugs
If your child shows signs of emotional distress, don't assume it will just pass. Young people need guidance from parents and other adults to understand and work through all the emotions they're experiencing. Encourage them to share their feelings and get them help from a mental health professional with experience in child depression, especially if their mood keeps them from functioning normally day-to-day.
Never ignore talk of suicide and remember that it may be in subtle or vague terms. Be especially vigilant if there's a family history of depression as this increases a child's risk.